Come And Talk
Come And Talk


Mag. Emma McNally


Therapy in Vienna, Austria in English language


Come And Talk


I was born in the United Kingdom and have lived abroad in countries including Spain and the United States. I have lived in Vienna since 2005.

I have experience working with families, adolescents , couples and individuals. In addition to this I have experience working with clients that struggle with difficulties when relocating to a new country. My experience and research into cultural awareness issues and effects of relocation come from international working experience and the diversity of the clients that I have worked with.

Psychotherapy offers insight into our past experiences that can have an impact on our present or our future. No issue is too big or too small to explore if a space is needed to gain some introspection.

There are many reasons why people deserve a place to talk in confidence and seek a safe surrounding. All so often people isolate their needs and continue to hope for change, however, identifying our needs is something that each one of us deserves and no matter what issue(s) a person has it is important to explore if there is a space for change to improve their lives.


My Work Ethos

In my work I do not see myself as the expert but instead try to let a client see that they are the expert themselves and that I will simply join them on their journey as an observer and no matter how long this takes, the work is to explore purpose and meanings. When a client reaches their destination I will no longer join them.





Diploma in Spanish culture and language

Degree in Psychology with honors

Postgraduate study in Forensic psychology and Crime

Postgraduate study in Psychotherapy Science

Completed training in Systemic Family Therapy




Working with offenders incarcerated in the justice system

Completion of training requirements for Austrian Psychotherapy License

                                                                        Child therapy training



Head of the Sigmund Freud Private University English psychotherapy science programme, Vienna, Austria

Former Head of the Sigmund Freud Private University international Clinic, Vienna, Austria

Lecturer in Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna, Austria

Project head working with refugees and homeless people

Licensed systemic family psychotherapist





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